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Jeff Hurley MD On Line Journal


Traffic ...can't live in LA without it.

Emergency Medicine If you hear hooves outside, you never know...they may be zebras.

Dennis Prager

Prager's Essays No one else writes with such clarity...

Bill Handel

KFI AM 640 Wake up to something interesting and inflamatory. Bill was voted the 2005 Radio Personality of the Year. ...always very interesting.

Think Tanks

The Cato Institute
The Heritage Foundation

Financial Calculators Figure out what to do with your money.

 Medical Blogs Always an interesting read...and we think alike. Probably the best blog that I have come across.

Chess Watch some classic games...some annotations included.
Yahoo! Chess How to kill your time away...

 Wikipedia Open Source Encyclopedia...pretty amazing!
The Daily Show Video Page. Can't get enough of this stuff.
College Football
Go Bruins!
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