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Jeff Hurley MD On Line Journal


Entries Contents
October and November 2004 Read the Duelfer Report! One amazing story...
Other Favorites: BLS BS, "The Blue Team,"
"The Father of Modern Terrorism,"
Blakemore, and Code Blue Story
December to April 2005 Who Would Jesus Bomb? haha
Garlic for Blood Pressure: Attack of the Naturopaths...
Ghetto Phone... its the new phenomena
Zone 3
Why am I not Dead?
May 2005 to July 2006

"Disproportionality", Moral Relativism, and Fanaticism
Playdough Factories
Art of Agnes Hurley
CSI Effect and Coleman
Drogas of the Death Penalty--Now on Wikipedia!
Stupid Time
Public Employee Unions
Energy, Environment, and Economics
Sham Acupuncture
The LaQuisha Factor
Pork: "The other white meat"

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